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Dental Milestones in Baby’s First Year

From baby’s first smile and baby’s first tooth to baby’s first solid foods, there are many dental milestones in your child’s first 12 months. Another important event that should occur before baby’s first birthday is the first visit to the dentist. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend scheduling the first dental checkup between 6 and 12 months after birth.

Most babies start teething around 3-6 months old, and the first tooth usually erupts by 6 months old. From the start, it is important to clean your baby’s gums with wet gauze and brush the teeth with a toothbrush designed for babies, using a rice-sized dab of infant toothpaste 2-3 times a day. By age 3, most children will have 20 baby teeth. Developing good dental habits in the first year builds a strong foundation for a lifelong healthy smile.

What to Expect at Baby’s First Dental Appointment

At Collegeville Gentle Dentist, Dr. Srinivasan will ensure your baby’s first experience at the dentist is a friendly, fun event. The dentist will evaluate your baby’s risk for tooth caries (decay) and check jaw development, tonsils, adenoids, infantile swallowing and tongue thrust. Our team will offer guidance as needed for preventing baby bottle tooth decay and any other concerns you may have. Our office is baby-friendly and equipped with a children’s waiting room. Our office staff is very accommodating to any special needs, and we offer convenient pediatric dentistry appointment times to fit around your baby’s nap schedule.

Comprehensive Dental Care For Every Age

A fixture in Collegeville, PA since 1959, many of Collegeville Gentle Dentist’s patients have grown up in our practice from infancy to adulthood. We offer comprehensive dental care with an emphasis on preventative care to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Our continuous oral care from infant care to Invisalign® for teens gives your child a dental comfort zone through every stage of development.

Schedule Baby’s First Dental Appointment

Before you send out baby’s first birthday invitations, be sure to schedule baby’s first dental appointment. You can reach the Collegeville Gentle Dentist at 610-489-9005. Schedule an appointment.

Helpful Tips to Prepare For Baby’s First Dental Appointment

For more information about baby’s first dental visit, watch the American Dental Association’s video featuring helpful tips to prepare you and your baby for this important appointment:

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