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Do you snore almost every night? Do you feel like you are gasping or snorting while you sleep? Do you feel tired during the day? If so, you may have sleep apnea, a serious obstructed sleep disorder. Take our quiz and see if you are at risk for sleep apnea. Learn more about sleep apnea.

Take the Test

For each “yes” answer, add the indicated points to your score.

Do you snore more than three nights a week? 2 points

Is your snoring loud (can it be heard through a door or wall? 2 points

What is your collar size?
Men: 17 inches or greater 5 points
Women: 16 inches or greater

Have you had high blood pressure or are you being treated for it? 2 points

Do you ever doze or fall asleep during the day when you are not busy or active? 2 points

Do you ever doze or fall asleep during the day when you are driving or stopped at a light? 2 points

Interpreting Your Score

Add up your total points to determine your score.

0-5 points – Low probability of sleep apnea. Your sleeping problems are likely caused by something other than sleep apnea. Consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

6-8 points – You and your doctor should decide on the next step based on your medical history.

9+ points – You may have sleep apnea. You are a good candidate for a sleep study and should see your doctor.

Next Steps

Collegeville Trappe Gentle Dentist offers sleep apnea evaluation and treatment. If you are experiencing any sleep apnea symptoms, contact us for an evaluation.

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