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Fill the book bag and pack the smile – it’s time for back to school! For many, the start of a new school year brings new routines, fresh starts and lots of opportunities for success. Even if you are out of school, the new season is a chance to fall into a better schedule by re-balancing work, family and hobbies, as well as prioritizing your health.

In a Rush? Don’t Forget to Brush

For many families, it takes a few weeks to get into the groove of the busy school calendar. As the after school hours fill up with sports, clubs and homework assignments, tired kids may cut corners on bedtime routines and spend less time on oral health care. On busy mornings, kids may forget to brush their teeth. Mornings and bedtime can be hectic for everyone – help your child plan ahead and prioritize dental care, so it becomes a good habit, even on the busiest days.

Safety First Sports Protection

Shin guards, football helmets, supportive running sneakers – you’ve got your child covered, right? Remember the mouth guard too! Game days are busy days for dentists. Mouth guards can help prevent serious injuries. The Gentle Dentist offers custom fitted TekFit athletic mouth guards, made in our office for you. Sometimes dental accidents happen. Call the Gentle Dentist for after hours or weekend emergency dental care as needed.

College Dental Smarts

At the start of the semester, the dorm room is fully stocked with all the necessities – matching comforters, extra long sheets, clean towels and late night snacks. Make sure your student has ample dental floss, toothpaste and fluoride rinse too. Most college students will remember the Netflix password; but some may forget to floss their teeth – it’s okay to send a reminder. Out-of-state college students may need a go-to dentist in the area. The Gentle Dentist Collegeville Trappe is conveniently located near several local universities and within walking distance to Ursinus College.

Relax, School Holidays Are Coming

Many families like to schedule dental appointments during the school holidays. Plan ahead and book your dental appointments now. We also offer convenient after school dental appointments to fit your schedule.

The Gentle Dentist team wishes you a successful and healthy school year.

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